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Financial Saathi (“Friend”) to your Financial needs – is what we are. We are a boutique set up that specializes in providing financial distribution services keeping investors’ present investment portfolio and risk cover at the forefront. Our product team continuously analyzes the investment options available in the market and cherry-pick the best product from the plethora of investment options available to our investors customizing it for them w.r.t. their requirements, future plans & risk profile.

FinancialSaathi is an organization consisting of skilled and credited professionals dedicated to offering sound financial solutions customized to each family, considering each family member’s needs and aspirations. We pledge to deliver the utmost best in client service and act with the highest standards of integrity. ​ We strongly believe in educating our clients on various investment options and risks associated with them. Our clients include individuals, HNIs, institutional investors and corporates. Our distribution services cover a vast range of investment products including Mutual funds, Insurance, AIF, NRI services, Portfolio management services, fixed income options, bonds, etc.

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We at FinancialSaathi realize that though most of us manage to make investments, we seldom bring in the desired attention and focus to review and monitor them. Where the old school of thought says “Make investments and forget about them”, the new rule of prudent investment is “Never forget what you invest”. Thus, it is advised that we keep track of our investments and churn our portfolios as required. This is also relevant due to the constantly changing investment needs and the ever-expanding universe of financial instruments. Hence, the need of the second layer which not only brings in an independent perspective but also provides a one-stop solution to all investment solutions available in the market – a trustworthy Saathi to your financial needs – Financialsaathi !!

  • We truly believe in the personal touch when it comes to investments and hence are always available for our investors 24X7.
  • We cherry-pick the best investment product from the plethora of investment products available. We do our due diligence and analysis before suggesting any product.
  • We provide a one-stop solution across all asset classes like equity, debt, bullion, fixed income, etc. We also cater to NRI services.
  • We provide an additional layer of checks and balances to your investments through frequent reviews.
  • We have an in-house team of experts who help with customizing a client’s investment solution for the client as per their investment objective and risk profile.
  • We help with Online access to your Investments.
  • We are a registered Channel partner to large financial institutions through which we offer execution service thereby not losing our focus from quality product selection.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

We envision ourselves to be one of the leading and trustworthy distributors of financial products and services. We want to be recognized as a trusted Friend “Saathi”, whose expertise is always available when it comes to managing investments. We want to keep the personal touch with our clients by making best use of technology.

Our Mission

We strive to become our customer’s trusted partner who understands them and help make their investments achieve their ambitions.

Our Team

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